Kitchen Mats Help Reduce Lower Body Fatigue in the Lower 48 States

Standing for any length of time on concrete, stone, or just a hard floor creates havoc on your lower back, hips, legs and feet. In some states, it is illegal to have employees stand for long periods without providing them with anti-fatigue mats. Whether you are standing a lot because you are at work, or you are standing because you are doing some task that requires you to stand, anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats can make this task a lot easier and less painful over time.

What the Mats Do

The body is not meant to stand for long hours. It is also not meant to stand on very hard surfaces for more than a few minutes. Anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats act as a shock absorber and cushion against that hard floor. They make it easier for the body to stand by providing a very soft, supportive surface for your feet. It is akin to providing orthopedic shoes without having to wear orthopedic shoes.

Anti-Fatigue Mats Come in All Sizes

A lot of restaurants use anti-fatigue mats for their kitchen staff who are busy cooking and washing dishes. However, these mats come in several sizes, making it possible to use them in other locations and capacities. They are also used underfoot for cashiers who are required to stand for their jobs, and they can be used at home near your sink or food prep counters. Wherever you choose to put an anti-fatigue mat for the purpose of working and standing long periods, you (or your employees) will find relief.

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