Kilometer Conversions in Arizona: Check Out Dick’s Speed o Tach

In a typical vehicle instrument cluster located in the dashboard, one has the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, and light indicators. The speedometer measures the immediate speed of the vehicle. The tachometer measures the revolutions per minute, otherwise called RPM, which is the rotational speed of the motor. The odometer measures the distance traveled by the vehicle. This number, along with the speedometer, is usually measured in miles or kilometers. The fuel gauge measures the amount of fuel left in the vehicle while the light indicators are for safety features including, but not limited to, low tire pressure, low oil pressure, or even an engine malfunction light.

If the vehicle was built in the United States, the speedometer and odometer will often be measured in miles. The United States is the only one that uses the customary system of measurement: miles, inches, and feet. In most other countries, including Europe, Canada, and Mexico, the metric system is used in which the measurements are in kilometers, meters, and centimeters. One will have a difficult time driving in another country if the speedometer is only measured in miles or kilometers and the country in question uses the opposite. In this case, kilometer conversions are necessary. For example, kilometer conversions in Arizona typically involve the same process as anywhere else.

First the instrument cluster must be removed. After removal, the speedometer is converted to either show one of three options: miles and kilometers, kilometers only, or miles only. The faceplate is manufactured for one of these options. After that, the circuit board is reprogrammed to calculate in either miles or kilometers. Some shops may also set the odometer in the new calibration so there are no discrepancies between the numbers.

Perhaps the best option, especially for travelers, is to purchase a car with both miles and kilometers on the speedometer. However, if this option is not possible because of the make, model, or country of origin, then Kilometer Conversions in Arizona are necessary. One such shop, called Dick’s Speed-O-Tach performs this service in one day or less. These technicians will only service what is asked and well.

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