Key Differences Between Welding and Metal Fabrication in Seattle, WA

It’s common for everyday consumers to refer to welding and metal fabrication as if they were the same thing. Those in the know recognize that this isn’t entirely accurate. Read on to find out about those key differences between welding and Metal Fabrication Seattle WA business owners need to know about before choosing a metal shop.

Specialists and Generalists

Welding is a specialization within the general field of metal fabrication. Welders are highly skilled at fusing metal using extreme heat. Fabricators cut, drill, punch and bend metal before they send it to the welder and clean, assemble, and paint it after he or she has joined all the individual pieces together.

What Fabricators Do

Metal fabricators often have basic welding skills and welders sometimes have more generalized fabrication skills. Since a metal fabricator’s job description is broader than a welder’s, he or she usually knows how to run machines like punches, shears, saws, and press brakes. Most projects require more than just welding, so it’s important to work with a shop that has full in-house fabrication capabilities.

What Welders Do

When they work with a professional shop that specializes in Metal Fabrication Seattle WA business owners should expect teams of specialists, including welders to complete their projects. A welder’s specialty is joining pieces of metal together using heat. This process requires preparing the edges and joints, fitting up the pieces, and taking expansion and contraction into account.

There are several types of welding. They include electrical resistance welding, which is used primarily for overlapping sheet metal, friction welding, torch welding, and arc welding. A trained welder knows which of these techniques to use and how to ensure his or her safety throughout the process.

The Bottom Line

Metal fabrication requires an entire team of specialized technicians. Welders play a vital role in the fabrication process that takes place at metal shops, but they can’t do it alone.

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