Keeping Your Family Safe with Portable Sinks

The world is a dangerous place. You never know where you’re going to pick up a bug, one that gives you the coughs or clogged nose or fever. Microbes are everywhere and you’re beleaguered from all sides. At least that’s how some parents think. There are so many microbes, bacteria, viruses out there—forces unseen—that get your kids sick and make life that much more difficult for mom and dad.

What the Numbers Say
According to the CDC, about 50 percent of kids die every year because of complications and conditions associated with diarrheal diseases. However, with proper hand washing habits, a lot of these deaths could’ve been avoided. That’s how crucial it is to wash your hands properly. And why your kids should learn it too.

Improving Hand Washing Habit
If your kids don’t have strong hand-washing habits, this can be one reason why they pick up a lot of bugs. So how do you improve your kids’ hand washing habits? When you’re at home, it’s quite easy to remind your kids not to start eating until after they’ve washed their hands. One look from you and that’s all it takes, off they go, running to the bathroom, washing the afternoon dirt and grime from their hands. But access to bathrooms isn’t always possible. So what do you do?

Kiddie Party
If you’re planning for a kiddie party at your garden, you might want to look into getting a few portable sinks that you can rent. So keep this in mind if you’re in or around the area. That way, even when there’s a long queue on the bathroom door, you have portable sinks around the house to make it easy for the kids to wash their hands every time they go exploring and end up with dirt and grime on their hands.

Camping Staple
If you’re taking the kids to camp out in the mountains, you’ll want to make sure you pack along a portable sink as well. Single-washing stations are incredibly easy to load up to your van or trailer because of their size.  You can use the portable sink not just to help with your meal preparations but also provide your kids with a proper hand-washing facility, miles away from home and civilization.

So teach your kids the value of proper hand-washing habits with portable sinks. That way, they’ll grow up knowing clean hands can help protect and save lives.

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