Keeping Residents Safe

Many neighborhoods are filled with residents who get their daily exercise by walking near their homes. This is a great way to work out or just enjoy nature. One issue that can make this form of exercise dangerous, however, is unexpected traffic.

Many neighborhoods do not have enough traffic to warrant a traffic light, yet still, pose a threat to pedestrians. This is especially true if neighbors walk in an area where traffic might come from around a curve or otherwise be hard to spot.

If these conditions exist in your neighborhood, talk with your homeowner’s association about installing a pedestrian hybrid beacon at crosswalks that are potentially dangerous.

Pedestrian hybrid beacons can save lives. These simple traffic controllers stop traffic when pedestrians are in the crosswalk, helping to ensure neighbors can cross streets safely. These are unique in the fact that they don’t need to be located with a traffic light, so you can use them at any crosswalk that warrants additional safety measures.

These beacons offer solar power, as well. This allows your neighborhood to use the beacons when power is not available, further allowing these to be used at any crosswalk. If power is available at your crosswalk location, the solar option will provide a backup measure during power outages.

Talk with a manufacturer about the cost and steps required to get a crosswalk beacon in your neighborhood. The experts can give you all the information you need to determine if this is the right safety option for your neighborhood.

Adding a pedestrian hybrid beacon in your neighborhood may be the simplest thing you can do to ensure the safety of residents. With the knowledge that walking the neighborhood is truly safe, you may find all your neighbors out for a stroll!

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