Keeping Pests Out Of Self Storage In Baltimore

When someone wishes to place their belongings into self- storage in Baltimore, they will want to take the proper steps in ensuring pests do not become a problem inside of this enclosed space. Here are a few tips one can use to keep their person items safe from pest invasions when inside a storage unit.

Check All Boxes And Containers Before Storing

It is important to take the time to look through each box or container of items going into storage beforehand. If something had been stored in the home, there is a chance an insect or rodent had gotten inside of the enclosure. If enclosures are not checked, the stowaways will get into the storage unit. Take each item out of a box or container and wipe it down with a clean piece of cloth. This will remove any small insects or eggs from the items, so they do not get into the unit.

Look Over The Unit’s Walls And Doors

Before renting a self-storage unit, it is best to check over the interior to make sure it is free of any cracks or crevices where pests can use as an entryway to the inside. If any voids are found, ask to rent a different unit. The door should also be checked to ensure there is a tight seal so pests cannot get inside from underneath. Pouring a bottle of water along the door when it is closed while another person is inside of the unit, will show if moisture can get inside. If water can get inside, pests can too.

Alert The Manager If Pests Are Suspected

It is best not to put any food products inside of a storage unit as they will attract pests. If pests are noticed, alert the manager immediately. There may be another unit with a pest problem that needs to be tended to properly.

If self-storage in Baltimore is needed, consider using S&E Mini Storage to handle the containment of personal items. Click here to find out more about pricing or to reserve a unit for a specified time frame if desired.

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