Keep Your Pipes Flowing Properly With Help From a Plumber Riverdale

Some of the most important parts of your home are those that you don’t see and this includes the plumbing. Your home’s plumbing controls both the input of fresh water as well as the removal waste. It consists of a series of pipes, fixtures and facilities to aid cleaning, cooking and other functions. When it fails you can end up with some serious problems. For example, a leaking pipe can present itself as a slow drip that gradually ruins your home or a quick flood that soaks into floors or walls. In either case you can end up with cleaning bills, construction costs plus the expense of plumbing repairs. In some cases these can be avoided with a home inspection by an experienced Plumber Riverdale. Browse website for more information.

Other places where a Professional Plumber in Riverdale can help your home is with household clogs. Clogs occur in several places, but some of the most common happen in the pipe traps. These are the S or U shaped pipes that you can see under the sinks or tubs. The primary function of drain traps is to keep sewer gas from entering the home, but their design can also trap other things such as food or hair. Repairing the problem involves removing the traps and cleaning them out. This project requires a little care to avoid damaging the connections or other pipes in the area. An experienced plumber can usually handle this task in about a half hour per trap.

The other serious problem is clogs in the main sewer lines. These clogs occur because sewers are a low flow system which allows sludge and waste to accumulate. If the pipes sit for extended periods of time this waste can harden reducing the flow even further. Eliminating clogs is usually done with a tool called a rooter or pipe snake. This is a flexible cable with an auger attached to the end. It pierces the clog so water can flow through. If this step doesn’t eliminate the problem you may need to have the pipes cleaned with a high pressure washer. This should eliminate any serious blockages.

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