Keep Your Home Stable With Basement Repair Service in Baltimore

Foundation failure is a huge problem, but this situation can actually be worse when your foundation is a basement. Basement walls are designed to spread the load of the building. When the supporting soil around the basement gets too moist, it can cause the building to shift and the basement walls to crack. Basement Repair Service in Baltimore can remedy this problem by shoring up the walls or repairing the resulting leaks. Part of the repair will depend on how the basement is made. Some basement walls are made from cinder blocks while others are made from poured concrete.

One way to handle a basement moisture problem is known as a French drain. This method of water control works by digging a trench around all four walls. This trench will have a gradual incline so that it drains into a pit or cesspool. To keep the pit dry, there will be an automatic pump that kicks in when the water reaches a certain level. It is important to keep this pump checked because a faulty pump could result in water flooding the basement.

Some Basement Repair Service in Baltimore can be fairly simple. By sealing the walls, it may be possible to block the water from seeping into the home. Water seepage can really ruin a finished basement and result in thousands of dollars in repairs. However, it is not recommended that you rely on this method of repair alone. You need to determine exactly why the water is seeping into the basement walls, as seepage could be the result of poor water drainage or a leaking water pipe. Ignoring the problem is just asking for future foundation problems.

No home is completely safe from foundation problems. Some can be avoided by ensuring the home is built on a hill and that water will drain properly. However, it is important to ensure rainwater is properly shed from the building and no water is allowed to pool around the foundation. Any pooling will eventually cause the home to shift. You can see signs of these problems when the home’s doors or windows begin to stick or you notice cracks in the walls.

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