Keep your Eyes out for Good News

by | Apr 3, 2014 | Religion, Rigging

A Free Prophetic Reading Online can provide you with some much needed good news in a world that seems void of hope. It is important to keep you eyes out for good news in the world so that you do not feel hopeless when all seems to be going wrong.

We all know that when we turn on the evening news chances are the headlines will be glum. Headlines always focus on the negative which can make listening to the news a challenge. You can choose to seek out the good news in the world. There are many stories of inspiration from people surviving terrible catastrophes to people being saved from violence and oppression. The world is filled with positive outcomes that don’t always make the headlines and that might even come in smaller stories but will still have a positive influence on your life.

For example a group of high school students went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday one evening. They had a large cake and when they found there was far too much they offered to share the cake with others in the restaurant. A gentleman who witnessed their kindness was happy to share a piece of cake with them. However it also left such a good feeling in his heart he chose to buy the group dinner. It is interesting to note that when something good happens it can inspire others to do good as well. That is why it is so important to keep your eyes out for good news in order to keep the spirit of kindness alive.

Sometimes you have to create your own good news in order to provide inspiration to others. Every kind act shows people how important it is to find good in the world and offers people insight into how kindness can spread joy and hope. Each one of us has goodness inside of us and that goodness can be shared on a daily business. Putting others feelings and needs ahead of our own, and watching for opportunities to aid those in need keeps hope in the hearts of those who might otherwise feel hopeless.
Good news is always out there you just have to make an effort to find it, even if it means listening to all the bad news first.

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