Keep Your Car on the Road With Quality Transmissions Scottsdale

The automobile is an amazing feat of engineering. Unfortunately, it can also be an astonishing source of aggravation when things go wrong. One of the more troublesome and expensive components on your car is the transmission and part of the problem is there is so little you can do to prevent problems. As the vehicle owner the most steps you can take to prevent transmission problems is to check the fluid regularly and take the vehicle in for a transmission tuneup. Automatic Transmissions Scottsdale use hydraulic pressure to operate so this means they need a consistent flow of fluid. By changing the fluid and cleaning the filter on a regular basis you ensure your transmission has that constant flow of fluid.

Automotive engineering has come a long way and the quality of the transmission has followed. You can usually expect a transmission to last for several hundred thousand miles when treated properly. Unfortunately, there are some considerations such as heavy stop and start traffic which can affect your transmission. Replacing Transmissions Scottsdale can be a pricey job so you want to ensure you have the best shop available. An expert like AZ Auto Crafters Scottsdale can have your car running as quickly as possible and with a minimum of fuss.

You often have the choice of repairing the existing transmission, replacing it with a rebuilt model or using a factory new part. Surprisingly, the most efficient option is rebuilt Transmissions Scottsdale. This is because a rebuilt transmission is exactly the same as a factory new model. They replace all the internal gaskets and seals with the same ones that a new transmission has while making use of existing, expensive parts such as the housing and shafts. Then each transmission is tested to ensure it doesn’t leak and functions as expected.

Standard transmissions are a different matter. The most common failure on a standard shift transmission is the clutch. The clutch wears down as you shift the transmission or by resting a foot on the clutch pedal. Another common problem with standard shift transmissions is in the shifter or linkage. Sloppy shifting on these devices can cause them to fail before expected end of life. No matter which transmission you have a little maintenance and care can make them last for many miles. Click here for more information.

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