Keep Your Business or Commercial Grade Property Clean and Dry With an Atlanta Commercial Plumber

by | Oct 18, 2013 | Plumbing

Many people think there are huge differences in the way commercial plumbing is handled versus the more common residential plumbing systems. While this is technically untrue, some of the industrial level equipment is designed for heavy usage. Surprisingly, many of the more common properties that require commercial level plumbing such as community churches, local civic buildings and even some schools often use equipment very similar to the high end plumbing used in many expensive homes.

While it’s true that quite a few commercial installations are taking advantage of the great savings that can be found with commercially mass produced fittings and fixtures, most of these buildings don’t put an excessive strain on the components they use. Plus, practically any commercial plumber in Atlanta  will tell you there is little difference between the high end residential plumbing products and much of the average commercial items.

However, when it comes to properties where there is a lot of water and sewer usage the owners need an Atlanta commercial plumber to install the best equipment they can find. For example, a restaurant with heavy customer traffic would be constantly replacing plumbing fixtures and fittings if they had to rely on standard grade equipment for all of their kitchen’s plumbing needs. Of course, with plumbing like that the restaurant would fall apart with dirty dishes everywhere and the customers would move on to another, better place to eat.

Commercial grade plumbing is just like any other in at least two respects. It needs regular maintenance by an Atlanta commercial plumber and it will eventually break down. Either the fixtures will fail, the fresh water lines will develop a leak, the sewer might clog or the drain lines could get broken and spill their contents all over the building. Unlike a home’s plumbing though, a commercial grade plumbing system could quickly dump a ton of sewage or thousands of gallons of water in a very short time.

The best way to prevent these catastrophic emergencies is to have a properly certified plumbing company like Atlanta Water Heater test the system for leaks and damage. For example, to examine the sewage lines requires a video camera connected to a long pipe snake. This allows the camera to access areas which might be impossible to see without tearing out the old plumbing.

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