Keep Your Business Comfortable With Heating And Cooling in Reno

by | Apr 28, 2014 | Air Conditioning

Heating And Cooling is an important function for the home and hearth, but it is just as crucial for the businesses that people run or the buildings they congregate in. By having a properly running heating and cooling system to ensure your customer’s comfort, you also ensure they will return to your business again. It’s the simple things like this that a customer remembers and personal comfort always leaves a great impression. Unfortunately, commercial heating can be very expensive to install or replace which is why proper maintenance is so crucial to keeping your business’s comfort appliances functional.

Commercial Heating And Cooling in Reno is very similar to the household variety except in scale. The air conditioning aspect uses large condensers, often placed on top of the buildings to compress a refrigerant which is then cycled through a series of coils which collect any residual heat from around the evaporator coil. This heat is then transferred outdoors so it can be released into the atmosphere. Even larger cooling units are available depending on the size of the building.

Heating is very similar, having large furnace systems warm the air in an air exchange system and huge fans that move that warmed air throughout the building. All of this air movement collects a lot of dust so these appliances must be cleaned regularly for proper function. Because these huge appliances run twenty four hours a day they put a lot of strain on their mechanical components. This means they could break down at any moment which is why so many businesses keep a contractor on call for emergencies.

Of course, not all business use these huge systems. Many smaller companies use the typical home HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) unit for Heating And Cooling in Reno because that’s what suits the buildings they run their business out of. However, because these appliances still require a lot of operating hours they can still break down very easily. To avoid these problems as much as possible make sure you have you comfort appliances serviced on a regular schedule by a trusted contractor like Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling.

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