Jobs That Lead Workers to Hire a Personal Laundry Service in Spokane, WA

For many men and women, the idea of hiring a personal laundry service at first seems too extravagant to even consider. They grew up with parents washing and drying all the laundry at home or a coin-operated business. Yet for some individuals, the prospect of sending all this work to a professional service is enticing.

Some workers put in an unusual number of hours every week at their jobs. An episode of Grey’s Anatomy from 2014 highlights the conflict people can feel. Dr. April Kepner insists on doing the wash at home, while some of the other attending physicians and residents tell her to send it out. With surgical residents working up to 80 hours per week, it makes good sense for them to hire a personal laundry service. They are too busy to effectively manage all their household tasks.

Many other jobs have demanding schedules. Heavy equipment operators sometimes work seven days a week for weeks on end. They appreciate the amount of overtime pay, but this schedule leaves them with little time for themselves. Doing laundry seems like it should be toward the bottom of the priority list.

Managing directors and financial analysts with major banks may be required to work more than 80 hours a week. Some sales representatives spend a great deal of time on the road. They have scant time for household chores like washing clothes, towels and bed linens.

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