Job Recruiters in Omaha, NE, Seek Laborers for Home Building Construction

Owners of construction companies face significant worker shortages that disrupt the timelines of their projects. The shortage is causing insufficient housing in the United States and unusually high prices for home purchases and rentals. One particular organization aims to successfully address problems like this. Their job recruiters in Omaha, NE, seek workers at all levels of expertise.

Laborer Positions

Men and women with no experience in this industry might be surprised when checking listings from job recruiters in Omaha, NE. Contractors even have trouble finding enough entry-level laborers, along with experienced and skilled laborers. Motivated individuals can get started at the ground level and work up the ladder.

Relevant Statistics

Building contractors for new residential projects alone need more than 2 million additional workers to meet the demand as of November 2021, according to a report from Business Insider. Building construction laborers earn a median annual wage of about $38,000 as of 2020, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Acquiring skills on the job or in a technical school program leads to higher pay.

Other Advantages

Homebuilding jobs appeal to individuals who enjoy working outdoors and don’t mind dealing with different types of weather. People who want to be physically active throughout the day also are attracted to these positions. Many men and women feel too confined when working inside an office or factory all day. They might not like the continuous contact with customers required in retail.

Men and women interested in these opportunities may check out job listings and register at

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