Janitorial Supplies: The Pros and Cons of Certain Cleaning Products for the Toilet Bowl

When it comes to janitorial supplies for cleaning the bathroom, whether it’s for your home, your office or your school, you want only the best, especially when it comes to cleaning the toilet bowl. In today’s market, there are so many choices sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right one. With that in mind, read on for a few of the pros and cons of some of the toilet bowl cleaning methods on the market today.

Cherry Bowl Cleaners

These classic types of cleaners are good for the home or office, mostly because of their pleasant scent. Not only is it a toilet bowl cleaner, but it’s also multipurpose, which means it can be used in all parts of the bathroom. It’s mild but still effective and can be used every day to clean your bathroom. The only cons about these types of products is the fact they aren’t heavy duty and are quite potent, meaning you have to be careful breathing them in when you use them.

Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaners

Non-acid bathroom cleaners are, of course, great to use when you need janitorial supplies because they contain no acid. They also can be used in kitchens. They are usually affordable, but many of them aren’t available in every state.

Choosing the Best for You or Your Business

It can be difficult to choose the best janitorial supplies to clean the bathrooms, whether at home or at a business. The last thing you want is for your family, employees or the children in school to get sick from unclean bathrooms. Your best bet is to find a reliable janitorial company to help you make the right decision.

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