Issues with Brakes in Sterling, VA

The cost of Brakes in Sterling, VA varies depending on the extent of the damage and the repairs necessary to get your car back on the road. Most service centers will do a basic brake inspection to find out if problems exist. If you hear noises such as squeaking, screeching or grinding, you should bring your car to Drakes Brakes for an evaluation right away.

Brake Issues
A car’s brake system has many mechanical parts, and there are multiple things that can break. Worn calipers, brake pads or drums may be to blame, but the wheel cylinders or master cylinder could also cause problems – or it could be as simple as a lack of brake fluid. The cost of your repair job depends mostly on the problem at hand.

Low fluid: This is the easiest brake problem to solve. Involving a low fluid level in the master cylinder, it can be fixed by removing the cap and filling the reservoir. However, if the master cylinder is empty, filling it with fluid will force air into your brake system and necessitate a costly repair.

Worn drums or pads: Worn brake parts are a common occurrence. Brake systems rely on friction to bring your car to a stop, and as time goes by your brake pads wear down. Eventually they’ll need replacing, and you’ll be able to tell by listening for a squeaking sound when you’re stopping.

If you go too long without having your brake pads replaced, you may need drum and/or rotor replacement as well (at a significantly higher cost). The average brake pad replacement usually costs less than $100, but replacing the calipers, drums or rotors can cost several hundred dollars.

Wheel and master cylinders: Your car’s master cylinder is where the brake fluid is contained, and then sent by pressure to each of the wheel cylinders. Brake fluid allows you to apply force to the drums and pads by pressing the brake pedal. A master cylinder usually costs about $300 to fix, with job cost going up if wheel cylinders need replacement.

The cost of a complete brake system replacement (calipers, cylinders, drums, pads and rotors) can cost upwards of $750. To avoid the high cost, you should have your pads replaced as soon as you hear noises. Brakes in Sterling, VA are designed to wear out, and as long as you have your car professionally serviced, you can drive safely.

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