Is Your System in Need of AC Repair in Wichita Kansas?

Your AC system is crucial for the comfort of you and your family during the hot summer months. Most AC systems can last fifteen to twenty years, if they are cared for properly. By keeping your filters changed and your system clean, you can prolong the lifespan of your system. If problems do arise, it is important you are aware of the signs to look for. This will ensure you know when you need to call for AC Repair in Wichita Kansas.

*    One of the first signs you may notice is your system is not evenly cooling your home. You may notice hot spots in your house where the air conditioning does not seem to touch. If this is taking place, your ductwork could be to blame. Having a professional come out and check your system can stop this problem so your home is cooled properly.

*    Any abnormal noises should not be ignored in your system. This could mean the system is being taxed or there are loose or failing parts. Any noise outside of the normal hum of your system should be checked to ensure there are no repairs that need to be carried out.

  *    Systems that need AC Repair in Wichita Kansas will often shut off with no warning. This can mean the system is overheating and it can also mean your thermostat is failing. Either reason should be investigated before the unit is allowed to run.

*    When an AC unit is not working properly, it can begin to freeze on the outer coils and inside frame. This could mean your system is low on Freon or it could mean you have a bad condenser. Your system needs to be checked and repaired before you try to operate it again.

If your system is exhibiting any of these signs or you’re experiencing extrordinarily high bills, make sure you call for repair. Kelley and Dawson Service is a full service heating and air conditioning company. They can repair all types of heating and cooling systems and will give you the professional services you need to get your system running at its best.

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