Is There a Rejection Concerning Dental Implants in Murfreesboro TN?

One of the more frequently asked questions concerning Dental implants in Murfreesboro TN is whether there is a rejection or not. The simple answer is no, there is no rejection when pure titanium implants are used. In the event there is an immune response to this metal, dentists say that there are extreme rarities. In dental practices, it would be so rare to find a person allergic to titanium, that the risk can be considered as negligible. Considering the above, the success or failure of a dental implant treatment will be based on other factors that have nothing to do with immune rejection.

What are the causes of failure concerning dental implants?

  • An implant may fail in the first phase of installation and integration into bone because of:

  • Intra or post-operative infection;

  • Failure of osseointegration (bone implant welding);

  • Poor, incorrect or inadequate surgical technique;

  • Implantation of low quality, inadequate surface or not pure titanium alloy;

  • Severe uncontrolled Diabetes;

  • Patient is a smoker;

  • Severe bone disease that affects the jaws; and

  • Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and treatment with biphosphonates (usually bone tumors).

  • Once past the 1st stage (approximately two months, in most cases) the causes of failure vary from:

  • Faulty Hygiene;

  • Poorly designed or poorly articulated, fitting;

  • Lack or shortage of saliva; and

  • Failure of proper hygiene around the neck of the Dental implants in Murfreesboro TN.

If the implant is of good quality and is placed by a qualified and experienced dentist, the risk of failure in the osseointegration phase is just 2%. If this is the case, most dentists will place another implant at no cost to the patient. To stay away from unnecessary risks, try to steer clear of suspiciously low prices. In these cases, the greatest number of failures is usually present and the implant is made of poor quality and the surgical technique is not adequate.

Do not confuse the rejection of the implants (which do not exist) with possible complications or treatment failure. These have nothing to do with an immune response to titanium. For some, the talk of implant failure is the perfect excuse to justify something that has gone wrong personally or with inferior materials. Visit the website. Like us at Facebook.

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