Is Teeth Whitening in Lafayette, LA a Viable Solution?

After a decade of research, it has been found that teeth whitening bleaching agents and other methods used for the same purpose are safe and effective, if used properly. Several products on the market today have shown that there are no adverse effects on teeth or gums. Please make sure to look for products that are clinically proven, and follow the same instructions and consult your dentist before beginning the regimen. If you are looking into Teeth Whitening in Lafayette LA, continue reading to find out more about this cosmetically-rich procedure.

In the past, bleaching agents were used by professionals only because of the sensitivity they produced. Today, those same products, such as gels, have lower concentrations in order to decrease sensitivity, in turn providing the benefits of whitening dentists give. Sensitivity may occur in individuals when eating hot or cold foods after undergoing a whitening treatment, but usually disappear after 48 hours. These issues stop completely when treatment is completed. If you experience sensitivity, there are several ways to eliminate them.

* If you use trays to apply the product, use it for less time than advised. This is especially true if there is a high percentage of hydrogen peroxide. This is because peroxide in high percentages (or prolonged use) will damage your gums.

* Your teeth should be brushed with toothpastes designed for sensitive teeth. It should contain potassium nitrate. This helps whiten teeth, but it also is much safer on gums.

* Ask your dentist or pharmacist for a product with fluoride to help re-mineralize teeth. You can use it to brush or place it in the bowl and use it for a period of four minutes before and after teeth whitening.

* Stop the whitening treatment for several days to allow your teeth to become accustomed to the procedure. Within 24 hours, the sensitivity may cease. The longer you whiten your teeth, the lower the sensitivity will be.

* In many cases, you might want to undergo professional whitening if home whitening does not work.

Your dentist may disapprove Teeth Whitening in Lafayette, LA:

* If you have sensitive periodontal disease, attrition or dental caries;

* If you are pregnant or lactating; and/or

* If you have crowns or veneers on anterior teeth that cannot be whitened.

If you have any questions or concerns about whitening, contact your local Lafayette dentist today. They will be able to help you decide whether this procedure is right for you or not.

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