Is Rental Management Worth the Cost?

You may have recently chosen to look into rental management in Oklahoma City for your rental property and wondering if it is worth the cost. The truth is rental management in Oklahoma City can really run the gamut when it comes to cost. It can range from about 4% to 15% or more of your gross rent. However, with this cost, you will get a huge range of services, as well. In fact, most rental property owners will be able to step back from their rental properties and simply collect the income that comes to them each month.

More Information About Cost

As mentioned, 4% to 15% fees, on average, are typically the norm when it comes to property management. However, you really should not take this number at face value. Why? A lot of these companies will quote a low rate, like 5% or 6% then add extra fees once they start charging you. On the other hand, you will also have companies who are charging 15% or more who put everything under that price and never charge anything else. So, before even figuring out if the cost is worth it, you will need to find out what the cost is and what services it includes.

What Services Will You Get?

In order to find out if rental management is right for you when it comes to cost, is to talk to companies and find out what type of services they will be able to offer to you. For instance, for some rental property owners, it will be well worth the money to have a property manager field the late night calls, deal with evictions and collect rent. For other property owners, they will really appreciate the fact that many property management firms will have software that is accessible at all times where you can get financial reports, you can know what maintenance is scheduled and can access it all 24/7.

Talk to These Companies in the Area

The only way to really find out if property management is worth the cost for you, you should get in touch with some reputable firms and get a quote. You will then want to compare these quotes with a lot of detail in order to find out exactly what you get, exactly what you pay for and if it will be worth it in your specific situation.

To get a quote for rental management in Oklahoma City, contact RPM Enterprises at (405) 463-0040. You can also reach them online,

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