Is Professional Teeth Whitening in Wichita Kansas Better?

Consumers see all sorts of teeth whitening products on the market today. Some of them make very specific claims for how fast they work and the type of results that people can enjoy. While these products do work, they are not necessarily the best option. A better approach is to have a professional at Dental Corner take care of the whitening process. Assessing the Condition of the TeethChoosing to undergo treatments provided by a dentist will mean undergoing a dental assessment first. The goal of that evaluation is to fully understand the current condition of the teeth.

This is important, because not all whitening methods are intended for use by patients with certain dental issues. A professional can choose the right treatment based on factors like the degree of yellowing, the condition of the enamel, and the presence of fillings in one or more teeth. Setting ExpectationsThe fact is that the results from teeth whitening services in Wichita Kansas will vary from one patient to the next. This is because the degree of discoloration is different for each of those patients. Someone with light discoloration from smoking is likely to find that the whitening process begins to show significant results in a short period of time. Someone with long term dental issues will certainly see a reduction in the yellowing, but the best possible result may never be anything more than a dull white.

A dentist can help the patient to understand what to expect from the treatments. This is important, since the patient then has the information needed to decide if the treatments are worth the time and effort. Proceeding at a Safe PaceWhitening treatments that are conducted in a dentist’s office are more aggressive than over the counter products. At the same time, the dentist is able to gauge the effect of each treatment and adjust the pace accordingly. Doing so will help to ensure that moving too quickly does not damage the enamel. This helps to ensure that the teeth remain healthy even as the whitening techniques strip away the dull film. The bottom line is that it helps to have a dentist oversee any efforts to whiten the teeth. In the long run, this practical approach will mean a brighter smile and teeth that will remain healthy for many years to come.

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