Is it Time for Roofing in Westchester County NY?

At some point, every home will need a roof replacement. It’s a large investment of time and money, so most people have questions about the process. It is a good idea to know what to expect so that the entire experience goes smoothly, with as little disruptions as possible to daily life. An overview of roofing procedures for a roofing service Westchester County NY should help to reach this understanding.

Once a Roofing Westchester County NY company has been hired, they will make an appointment to come to the house and speak with the owner about the job. A roof inspection will be completed, and the condition of the structure will be noted. This information is used to compile a job report. The contractor will assist the owner in the selection of roofing materials, such as colored shingles. An estimate will be provided. It’s important to obtain several estimates-;at least three. The hired service will have the owner sign a work agreement.

Before any work can be started, all necessary permits must be acquired. The contractor will send a roll-off dumpster to the property for the construction debris. The process of tearing off the old roof will proceed, and it can cause some distraction since it is noisy. The covering of the roof is stripped off and the underlying wood will be repaired if it is rotted. A new underlayment will be placed, along with any required flashing and drip edge. An inspection-;called dry-in-;maybe required at this stage.

After this inspection is passed, the covering, such as shingles, will be applied. Any vents or skylights that have been requested will also be added at this stage. The roof and gutters will then be cleaned, and all debris discarded. The customer may then have a walk through to inspect the work and discuss the details with the roof repair contractor. If the customer finds a fault, it will be corrected. When he or she is satisfied with the work, then payment can be arranged. The roofer will arrange the last county inspection, and when it’s approved, the brand new roof is ready for several decades of service.

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