Is filing a slip and fall lawsuit worth it?

Before you hire a slip and fall accident attorney in Iowa City IA you should consider whether the time and effort you and your attorney will have to spend on the case is worth it. Any litigation is stressful and it can be very expensive. There are pros and cons of filing a slip and fall lawsuit.

The pros of filing a lawsuit:

The most obvious benefit of filing a slip and fall lawsuit is money. In many cases a slip and fall accident can result in serious injury, certainly serious enough to have caused you to suffer significant medical expenses with the fear that the initial expenses may only be the beginning. As well as having these medical expenses you will probably have lost time at work. There are two issues at play when it comes to a monetary award for a slip and fall injury; one is to compensate you for the losses associated with both the medical costs, lost income and the other is to seek an award to compensate you for the pain and suffering that you have gone through.

Hire a slip and fall accident attorney and suing for compensation may actually help others from the same or a similar injury I the future. A property owner who is sued for this act of negligence will certainly want to avoid a future lawsuit so, it stands to reason that whatever it was that caused your accident will be rectified.

The cons of a lawsuit:

Although a slip and fall accident attorney in Iowa City IA will take your case on contingency, attorney’s fees are only part of the legal expenses you will have. It will cost you money out of pocket to file your complaint in court, you may have to bring in an expert witness, there are going to be court reporter fees, photocopies, postage and other expenses. You must consider the amount you expect to win, deduct these expenses and then deduct the 25 or 30 percent attorney’s fee and decide if what is left over is worth it.

Lawsuits take time to resolve; even a simple case like slip and fall can easily take a year or more. This can be extremely frustrating and of course time consuming.

The simple answer to the question “Is a lawsuit worth pursuing or not?” is something that only you can decide and the decision will usually be driven by the expenses you had, the lost time at work and the pain you suffered.

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