Iowa CPR Classes – Teaching Life Saving Information and Skills

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving service that can be learned by both young and old alike. The techniques involved in CPR are used to restore an individual’s breathing and help start the heart beating once again. Tragedies such as drowning or heart attacks often necessitate the use of emergency CPR to save the victim’s life. However, in order to competently and effectively perform CPR in the state of Iowa, it is essential to take and pass Iowa CPR classes.

What CPR Does

When an individual’s breathing stops, the brain is put at significant risk as a result of oxygen deprivation that takes place when the lungs cease functioning properly. When this happens, the brain suffers a deficiency of oxygen-rich blood that is essential for its proper functioning and survival. In addition, when oxygen is not produced in the body, other functions of the body begin to fail as carbon dioxide remains and is not removed from the body.

Some of the techniques involved in CPR include artificial respiration and chest compressions to restore a person’s breathing and heartbeat. If you live in Iowa, undergoing Iowa CPR classes is essential in order to carry out these techniques safely and effectively on individuals encountering such a medical emergency.

CPR is performed as follows:

The individual’s body is placed on a flat surface. The emergency medical technician (EMT) evaluates whether or not CPR is required to save the person’s life. If the technician determines it is required, he or she positions his or her hands on the chest of the individual in the proper location. Then the EMT performs chest compressions by applying the proper amount of pressure to the chest at the right interval. Factors that determine how and with what pressure the chest compressions are performed include the age of the patient and the patient’s health condition or fragility. Iowa CPR classes also teach artificial respiration as part of the entire CPR life-saving effort.

Maintaining CPR Knowledge and Skills is Essential

Through CPR training, you can gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to perform life-saving tasks when someone within your reach is experiencing a serious health event. It is also very important to remain up-to-date with your CPR skills and knowledge to help ensure you are performing CPR according to the latest recommendations.

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