Insulate Your Entrances While Enjoying the View Using Storm Doors in Colorado Springs CO

For most homeowners, the front door is as much a decorative feature as a point of entry which is one reason that they ignore options like the storm door. However, Storm Doors in Colorado Springs CO can be a necessary utility when the winter snows are falling. The primary function of a storm door is to keep inclement weather outside the front entrance. A storm door is especially useful when you are expecting a lot of guests and plan on leaving the main door open. This is very helpful during holidays when the family and friends come to visit. After all, you wouldn’t want them dropping all of those wonderful presents on the ground just because they couldn’t open your front door.

Storm Doors in Colorado Springs CO come in two basic types. The original storm door was a wood framed construct which typically had screen wire barriers. These were a popular option in southern areas because they allow better air flow while closing the home to bugs and other flying objects. In colder climates the most popular storm door is an aluminum framed door with one or two glass panels. Solid glass doors are more energy efficient, but split glass doors allow for air to enter the home whenever desired. Some storm doors have replaceable panels while other will have a screen wire cover over the panel that opens. To complicate your buying decisions even more, you can get storm doors that have additional decorations.

One option that homeowners are can consider is the installation of secure storm doors at the rear exit. This allows you to open the whole home to better air flow whenever the weather allows while providing extra insulation during frigid winter days. Unlike the front entrance, the rear door is rarely a single glass panel because this would inhibit the ability to open the door for better circulation. It is important to remember that the storm door needs proper seals to function correctly. This is generally a rubber seal around the door frame which the door seats against. Rubber works best because it forms a tight seal between the door and the frame which blocks the entrance of cold air. You can learn more about storm doors at Cascade Windows and Doors.

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