Instructions On Proper Septic Maintenance In Eustis, Florida

Owning a septic tank is comparable to owning a mini-sewage treatment plant. A septic tank is used to dispose of waste in areas are not connected to municipal sewage systems. Septic tank owners should learn how to take care of the system in order to avoid expensive repairs, as septic tank drain field repairs may cost well over a thousand dollars.

The septic tank is a large tank buried in the ground. The tank is connected to the house through a series of pipes. Additionally, the tank connects to another part of the system, called the drain field. Raw sewage and waste water from baths, toilets and washing machines flows into the tank. Fats and oils float to the top of the tank, and form a crust layer. Sewage and food scraps sink to the bottom and form a sludge layer. Anaerobic bacteria in the tank remove about 70 percent of the sludge. The remaining dirty water flows out of the tank to the drain field. The drain field is a series of pipes with holes in them, lying on top a bed of gravel. The gravel contains bacteria that eliminates the remaining toxins. The clean water is absorbed safely into the ground.

Septic tanks should be inspected on a regular basis. Business Name, for example, offers Septic Maintenance in Eustis, FL. While professionals are there to help with the large maintenance, every homeowner should learn the warning signs of a septic problem. If there is a problem, there is usually a foul odor in the area of the tank. Many times, there is standing water in the drain field area. Other warnings include, slow draining toilets and sinks. Finally, sewage starts backing up into the house.

To avoid septic complications, do not use a garbage disposal in the kitchen. The septic bacteria does not break down kitchen waste. Further, use of the washing machine should be limited to three days per week. Avoid planting vegetation near the drain field. As the vegetation grows, roots could get into the drain field and form blockages. Finally, have the tank pumped every three to five years. Regular Septic Maintenance in Eustis, FL, will ultimately save you a great deal of money.

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