Installing Roller Shutters The Easy Way

by | May 21, 2013 | Doors & Windows

Roller shutters are incredible security features which are both durable and cost effective. What’s more, they are not just a feature used on large facilities, such as factories and industrial compounds. Anyone with a door and window can have a roller shutter installed to protect their possessions and loved ones. What’s more, they are incredibly easy to install, which can be done by just about anyone with the right tools.
Before you begin
The first thing you need to do is make sure you have all the right tools. The will come supplied with all the necessary parts itself, which normally includes all the fittings, as well as the shutter itself and any control system if you are using an electric shutter. But then you will need to have the following:
1. Screwdriver
2. Spirit level
3. Hammer
4. Drill with a screw attachment
5. Tape measure
6. Pop riveter
Step one
The first thing you need to do is mark out the entire outline of the shutter on the wall. Use a chalk and the measuring tape to match the dimensions of the shutter. Also use the spirit level to make sure you are measuring straight. This outline will help you figure out where to drill, where to put the lock and where the power outlet will go.
Unpack the roller shutter box and find the guides. Guides are the same if you buy your Roller shutters in Essex. Then measure where the screws are placed on the guide and mark this on the diagram on the wall. This is where you need to drill. You also need to drill a hole all the way through the wall where the cable for the electric roller (if you’re using one) will go. Place the guides onto the guide legs and drill them onto the wall.
Step two
Now attach the head box which contains the shutter at the top of the door frame. Feed the cable from the motor through the hole you drilled in step one in through to your home. You may need the help of an electrician at this point. Using a drill, fix the head box to the wall and screw in tightly using the screw attachment of your drill.
Step three
Feed the curtain from the head box through the guide legs and pull the roller shutter shut. Then fix the lock onto the roller shutter with the instructions provided. Finally you need to fill the sides of the guide with silicone to secure it into place.
Step four
The roller shutter is now installed. It’s that simple for all shutters even if you both the roller shutters in Essex. The wires that you fed through your wall should be attached to a plug then plugged into your house. Now you’re ready to go.

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