Injured on the Job? Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Atlanta

by | Aug 19, 2013 | law

The Workers’ Compensation program was established to make sure that every employee can afford medical treatment for injuries that happen while they are working. The program also pays for some living expenses while employees recover. However there are two things that workers should be aware of. The law only applies to companies with three or more employees and only pays about 2/3 of a monthly salary. So choosing to work for a small company that doesn’t have health insurance could put a worker at risk for very large medical bills. For any other worker, they should contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Atlanta to ensure that they receive the maximum benefits the are entitled to.

The Monk Law Firm will help an injured employee through this complex process. They only work with injured workers and their families, so their is no chance of any conflict of interest. In order to qualify for benefits, there are complex rules that need to be complied with. For example, all employers are required to post a list of doctors that they want their employees to see about a work-related injury. The worker must use one of these doctors to preserve their right to benefits. A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Atlanta will make sure that their client understands and complies with these rules.

Insurance companies manage the Workers’ Compensation program for individual companies. Even when the business certifies that the injury was sustained on the job, the insurance company can balk at paying for all treatments. They may even decide that the person is fit to return to work. The Workers Compensation Lawyer in Atlanta will know how to protect their client and ensure that they get the time that they need to recover fully from their injury.

When a doctor certifies that the injury is permanent and the worker cannot return to work, that entitles them to disability payments for the rest of their life. The insurance company may attempt to prove that the worker is capable of returning to work and a hearing will be held. It’s critical that a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Atlanta represent their client at the hearing and have the proper medical witnesses. This ensures that the injured worker will receive the payments they are entitled to.


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