Injured in a Car Accident in Troy, OH? Call a Lawyer for Help Filing a Claim

A person’s quality of life can be destroyed in a Car Accident Troy OH. One minute they are on their way for a burger and fries, the next minute rescuers are using the Jaws of Life to get them out of a mangled car. What happened? A woman talking on her cellphone ran a red light and collided with their car. Because the woman was negligent, the injured driver is entitled to damages. The victim should contact a lawyer to ensure his rights are protected.

When a victim of a Car Accident Troy OH, files a claim, they are filing it with an insurance company representing the negligent driver. The company has many professionals, including lawyers, doctors and private investigators, who will do everything they can to find reasons to refuse to pay the claim. An insurance company would rather spend money paying these professionals than helping an injured person. A lawyer can take the case and ensure the victim’s voice is heard.

He knows how to document injuries sustained in a Car Accident Troy OH, and show how they caused permanent disability. Because the injured person will never return to work, the damages must replace a lifetime of lost income and pay for long-term medical bills. The injured person is also entitled to damages to compensate for emotional damage and pain and suffering.

The insurance company has many tactics to use to fight this type of claim. It will say the accident was caused by the injured person. If that fails, they will try to show the injuries pre-dated the accident. They will also dispute the amount of damages, and try to show the victim would not have made that much money. Their lawyer will know how to combat each of those claims. He has his own expert medical witnesses that can prove the accident was caused the other driver. An actuarial expert will bolster their lifetime income claim.

An injured person may not have the money to hire a lawyer. The law allows an attorney to take the case on a contingency basis. The attorney will get paid a percentage of any monetary judgment they win for the client. People who want to know more about this process can contact Shipman Dixon & Livingston Co. L.P.A. Troy, OH for more information. Visit website for more details.

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