Information on Orthopedic Doctors in Pensacola FL

An orthopedic doctor is one who studies and treats conditions of the bones, muscles, joints and nerves. Orthopedics was first introduced as a means of treating children who were crippled due to disabling conditions in the joints. The word orthopedic means “straight” and “children or pediatric”. No longer just for children, today’s Orthopedists treat all ages and can help with a variety of conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. This allows patients to receive the care that they need, whether it be surgical or therapy related.

Conditions Treated by Orthopedic Doctors
1. Bone spurs
2. Osteoporosis
3. Scoliosis
4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
5. Cerebral Palsy
6. Bursitis
7. Fractures
8. And many more

Treatments Offered by Orthopedic Physicians
1. Arthritis treatment
2. Hip injuries and replacements
3. Spinal conditions and surgery
4. Shoulder injuries, replacement and repairs
5. Knee injuries and surgical repairs or replacements
6. Foot and ankle therapy as well as surgery

Through the Orthopedic Doctors Pensacola FL you can receive an examination and find out the cause of your condition. The doctor will use different methods of testing, such as:
1. X-rays
2. MRI
3. CT Scans
4. And other diagnostic tests

The Orthopedic Doctors Pensacola FL are fully educated on all of the conditions that can affect the bones, joints and nerves in the body. They will first take your medical history and then examine you. Once you have been examined the doctor will schedule you for the appropriate testing so that a diagnosis can be made. Working through this diagnosis process will allow your doctor to make a decision on which treatment options will best benefit you, whether they be medications, therapy, surgery or a combination of these options. Surgical intervention is often used as a last step when other forms of treatment are not working. Your doctor will work towards getting you relief and increasing your mobility and range of motion through a variety of treatment options.

If you are experiencing pain in your joints, have been injured in an accident or are finding that you are having difficulty with your movements, contact Panhandle Orthopedics today. They will be glad to consult with you so that they can recommend the best course of treatment to improve your condition.

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