Information on Dental Implants in Camp Hill, PA

For many people, dental implants can restore smiles and improve lives. If you are missing teeth in your smile, there are options available for you. You could get dentures, have a partial put in or even receive a bridge. Unfortunately, these options do not provide you with a permanent replacement for your missing teeth. To truly restore your smile, you need dental implants in Camp Hill PA. Through an implant procedure, you can have your missing teeth permanently replaced, so you can confidently smile, eat and speak in front of others.

Facts About Dental Implants

  • Dental implants are put into place through a surgical procedure.
  • The procedure takes place in two parts and through several weeks.
  • The first part of the procedure involves you having the metal anchor put in.
  • The second part of the procedure will give you your new teeth.
  • It will take three to four weeks of healing time after your surgery.
  • Once your teeth are in place, they will perform and look like natural teeth.

For many, dental implants in Camp Hill PA provides true restoration for their smiles. No longer are they limited to the foods they can eat or have to feel nervous about the appearance of their smile when they meet others. When these new teeth are put in, no one will even know you are wearing them, unless you choose to tell them. With proper care, dental implants may last a lifetime. If damage does occur to the tooth portion of the implant, the dentist can easily remove the damaged tooth and replace it with a new one.

By being careful in avoiding crunchy foods, like ice and hard candy, you can keep your new implant looking beautiful for many years to come. The dentist will provide you with information on properly caring for your new teeth, so they stay performing and looking as they should.

Along with this procedure, they can offer you many other dental treatments, to keep your smile healthy and give you confidence in your appearance.

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