Information on Chiropractic Pain Management in Liberty NY

Dealing with chronic pain can be overwhelming, no matter where it is occurring in your body. Often, people deal with chronic back and joint pain, causing them to experience mobility issues. This can be an ongoing issue that can be difficult to deal with. It can sometimes lead to abuse of pain medications, which can cause lasting health concerns. If you are dealing with chronic joint pain, there is help to be found through Pain Management in Liberty NY. If you are dealing with chronic pain, this information can help you to know what to expect from treatment.

There are two main methods of treatment when you are going through chronic pain. The first part of any treatment involves the chiropractor taking your health history and taking X-rays. This will show if there are any joint problems or subluxations that need to be corrected. This will help the chiropractor to decide on which method will best benefit your pain issues, so you can find full relief from the pain.

The first method that has been used to treat chronic pain is the diversified method. This method uses a thrust manipulation in the area where you are experiencing problems, so the joint can be brought back into proper alignment. These adjustments are commonly used on the spine, but can be carried out on any joint. Often, this brings immediate relief of the pain, but ongoing treatments are needed.

The other method of pain management in Liberty NY involves using an activator. This method uses a spring loaded tool that is used to deliver a low-impact thrust to the affected joint. It has been found, this method can be more beneficial in moving the bones, because the manipulation is so quick and the body does not have time to tense the muscles, which can cause the thrust to be ineffective. Some chiropractors find using both types of treatment in conjunction, can be beneficial for those suffering with ongoing pain.

If you are dealing with pain and need help in finding relief, contact Advanced Health & Medical. They will provide you with the pain relief you need, so you can get back to enjoying life as you once knew it. Contact today for your appointment.

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