Information About Parking Lot Striping in Riverside CA

If you have a business that has a parking lot, getting Parking Lot Striping Riverside CA services from a reputable company will allow you to safely and easily allow customers and other pedestrians to use the parking lot. Some of the services Parking Lot Striping Riverside Ca Companies offer are curb painting; traffic sign installations; handicap stall painting; and line striping and painting. Having this done to restore an older parking lot or to finish a new one will allow people to navigate the parking lot knowing where certain areas are. Every company has various plans for striping a parking lot, but the general outline is as follows:

1. A company will have professionals measure the perimeter of the parking lot with a tape measure or other measuring device. Measuring the length and width needs to be done a few times to ensure accuracy of the measurements. There will also be several other measurements taken such as the distance from the edges to any structures such a light poles. A company will need to know how much room for each parking space and the length of the parking spaces from the sidewalks.

2. A diagram of the parking lot needs to be drawn with the measurements in mind. Also, any obstructions such as light poles and fire hydrants need to be taken into account. This drawing should be done on a piece of graph paper so the professionals doing the work can use the small squares as a measurement tool and to indicate where certain markings will take place.

3. The company will decide, along with the company owner, whether to install parking stalls, or parking spaces, that are perpendicular to the rows or angled. Angled parking is easier to work with since it allows people to park easier and allow more parking stalls in the parking lot. Perpendicular parking spaces are easier to draw but are not as accessible by customers.

4. The company will draw a layout of the parking spaces in the parking lot. If a company is going with the often used angled parking, the angles should be 45 degrees and ten feet from the center stripe.

5. The diagram of the striping will be transferred to the parking lot using chalk. Testing using measurements and other factors will be done at this time.

6. A lot striper will apply paint along the chalk lines. It will take time to dry.

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