Independent Assisted Living in Asheville, NC is Living

Independence with assistance is how life can be enjoyed as you grow older, but still have lots of living to do. There are many reasons why a retirement community should be viewed as the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Assisted Living in Asheville, NC provides a quality of life for each resident. First, they offer you safety. Aging can make us more vulnerable so safety is more of a priority, a feature you look for in your home. You can live in a safe secure environment at Silverbell Homestead where their goal is to improve the quality of your life with a safe, comfortable and caring environment. Once you have made the choice for assisted living you live in private roomy accommodations.

You get to socialize with other residents where you greet and meet throughout the community. You are in the hands of a caring staff that is available to help you 24 hours a day. Your monthly payment includes nutritious meals three times a day at your table plus snacks, services and amenities; it is all in there. So many things you use to do you can still have taken care of such as housekeeping and laundry service. A great service on site is the Health & Wellness screening. Your blood pressure and weight are monitored, you get local pharmacy service and delivery and if needed medication administered by a licensed nurse on staff. They will also assist you if needed with dressing and bathing. Each room comes with a smoke detector, automatic sprinkler as well as an emergency call system in each bathroom.

All rooms are private with a kitchenette so you can do some basic cooking if you wish. Cable television and local phone service are standard features provided. They have a variety of rooms each with a private bathroom. Everything is on one level so you do not have to worry about stairs. There are more amenities that come with being a part of Assisted Living In Asheville, NC. There are five communities in the Asheville area to choose from; some even offer Medicaid Assisted Living you can contact them locally or visit them online for more information about becoming a resident of assisted living.