Improve Your Home Environment with Fabric Wall Coverings

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Home and Garden

Is it possible to purchase high quality, fabric wall coverings that adhere to federal standards of performance, durability and damage resistance? Yes, it is. Undoubtedly, the process of painting is laborious, painstaking, and quite often, messy. Paints leave its unsightly residue on carpets, furniture, and other surfaces. However, wallpaper is a painless means of beautifying your home without the added mess. Fabric wall coverings exist in both standard and specialty styles, and they can add a sense of dimension and color to any home. Read below to discover more about the wonderful world of wallpaper.

Specialty Wallpapers

There are many specialty wall coverings that are composed of fabric and other materials. For example, acoustical wall coverings are highly functional and innovative, designed specifically to improve acoustics and reduce sound altogether. They are best suited for environments such as offices, auditoriums, and restaurants, as well. They have been scientifically tested to absorb sound waves.

Another popular specialty wallpaper option is known as cork wallpaper. Cork wallpaper actually comes from tree bark and is ideal for the everyday naturalist who yearns for a small dash of nature in his living quarters. Once the cork is processed, it is then laminated in order to produce a beautiful, solid surface. This material is designed to stave off microbial growth, and it is permeable to vapor.

Other wallpaper options allow you to create a reflective, metallic surfaced composed of mica. Grasscloth is a wonderful, environmentally friendly option, comprised of renewable materials. It consists of grass or plants, and it can be refined for a smooth effect, or it may have a coarse outer exterior.

One of the most practical and durable fabric wall coverings is known as linen wallpaper. This natural fiber is environmentally-friendly, renewable, and highly fortified against damage and tears. Furthermore, it is perfect for individuals who suffer from chronic allergies, as it is highly resistant to mold and mildew growth.

Silk wallpaper is one of the most effortlessly beautiful materials that you can choose. Give your environment a lovely splash of splendor with genuine silk wallpaper.

Choosing the Right Fabric

The type of fabric you choose for your wallpaper should hinge on a few primary factors. For example, your climate should guide your decision-making process, especially since humid climates create the ideal breeding grounds for microbes, including mildew and mold. Therefore, if you live in a humid environment characterized by high levels of condensation and moisture, then a highly permeable fabric that resists microbial growth is best suited for you. Linen is perfect for this type of environment.

If you are interested in selecting a renewable fabric that caters to the environment, then a grass or plant based product will do.

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