Improve the Beauty and Function of Your Face With Cosmetic Surgery in Dallas

Many people may not realize it, but even dentists have to rely on skilled surgeons for certain portions of a patient’s oral health program. While these surgeries may not be as commonplace as other dental procedures such as teeth whitening or cleaning, they are just as important to the patient for both health and appearance reasons. Like all medical personnel trained in the art of surgery, a dentist who performs cosmetic surgery in Dallas spends many years studying medicine, especially as it relates to the face, jaws, mouth and teeth. Because they have developed such extensive knowledge in these areas patients are often referred to them whenever they experience pain, disease or damage in those areas of the body.

Because the body is so intricately intertwined, a specialist in facial Cosmetic Surgery in Dallas could be asked to consult on any number of cases including those that deal with upper spinal problems as well as shoulder, neck and other physical or skeletal issues. However, their primary concerns are the mouth, lips, jaws and their function, the sinuses and nasal cavities along with the function of breathing and the structure of the cheeks, jaws and mouth areas.

Oral and Facial cosmetic surgery, usually called Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery requires a dedicated student to complete the demanding coursework. After any required courses are finished the prospective oral and maxillofacial surgeon must also complete four years of a hospital based residency program. This program allows them to train beside medical residents with knowledge of internal medicine, doctors skilled in general surgery as well as anesthesiologists. Along with the skills learned from the residency program the new dentists will gain insights into plastic surgery, otolaryngology and the application of emergency medical techniques.

With all that in mind, it is important to remember that an oral surgeon like those associated with Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas of Dallas is there to help you, the patient. Many of the procedures they perform simply aren’t handled by many other medical offices and few doctors are properly trained for reconstructing damaged facial bones or restoring mangled facial structure. For patients with severely misaligned jaws or jawbones that suffer from breaks or disfigurement the cosmetic oral surgeon may be the only way to get things properly aligned to your satisfaction.

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