Improve Dental Care with the Medit i600

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Business

Digital dentistry is revolutionizing the way you care for your patients. Taking molds to create dental prosthetics is now a thing of the past. With the Medit i600 intraoral scanning tool, you can improve dental care and ensure your patients get high-quality prosthetics that fit comfortably. The following are some of the benefits of implementing this device in your office.

Accurate Imaging

The Medit i600 outshines dental molds for accuracy. Any minor imperfection in dental molds can cause discomfort when installing dental prosthetics. Accuracy is critical in these situations. With this dental tool, you can rest assured that you have all the information required to create comfortable crowns and other prosthetics that enhance your patients’ smiles.

Simple Operation

Some dentists hesitate to use more advanced dental technology due to a fear of learning something new. When you implement the Medit i600, you can count on a simple operation. With just one button press, images are immediately rendered into your software, giving you an accurate picture of your patient’s teeth. The primary goal of digital dentistry is to make your job easier.

A Lightweight Solution with Plenty of Power

Although the Medit i600 has a lot of power, it’s a lightweight tool that is easy for any dentist to use. With a splash of color, you will locate it quickly among your tray’s other devices. Your patients will receive quality dental care with less discomfort and higher accuracy.

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