Improve Curb Appeal and Lower Energy Costs with a Door Replacement in Lagrange

Homeowners want to have an attractive home to invite friends and family to visit. They also want to ensure that they add to the visual appeal of their neighborhood. No one wants to have the ugliest house on the street. One of the most important decisions they make is what their front door will look like. It’s a focal point that people note when they drive by. If the house is for sale, it will be one of the first items prospective buyers notice. Just like all other aesthetic features of a home, popular styles change. Having an outdated front door style can make the home look out of place. People can contact Evergreen Door & Window to learn about newer styles and materials. A local contractor can help homeowners know which material will work best for their needs and which styles are popular in the region.

Traditionally doors have been made of wood. While they were beautiful, they required frequent maintenance and didn’t always provide the best insulation. Because of these issues many homeowners now choose a Vinyl Door Replacement in Lagrange. Vinyl doors provide four times more insulation that wood doors. They still have the same appearance even including the grain pattern seen in wood products. People often love to have glass panels in their front door or beside them. These let in light and create a lovely entrance. It’s necessary to ensure that the windows are high quality and have a high insulation value. Vinyl doors stand the test of time and often come with a 30-year warranty.

Homeowners may even be concerned that glass panels will allow thieves easier access to their home. If security is an issue, then the homeowner should consider a steel Door Replacement in Lagrange. A 12-gauge steel plate reinforces the hinge area. This makes it very difficult for a person to kick the door off of its hinges. The lockset area is also reinforced with additional steel to prevent burglars from drilling through it to open the door. Steel doors can also have attractive glass panels. These are processed to resist shattering and breaking so that people cannot easily gain access through them. Interior vinyl layers increase the insulation. Steel doors usually have 20-year warranties.





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