Important Information on Car Insurance in Lancaster PA

Most people know the importance of having Car Insurance in Lancaster PA. Pennsylvania, like most states in the United States, requires all drivers to maintain financial responsibility on their vehicle. Failure to do so could result in stiff fines, loss of driving privilege and more. This is why it is crucial all drivers in the state meet with an insurance agent to ensure they have the right amount of coverage. Driving without car insurance coverage is a big risk and is one that can be avoided.

If you are pulled over in a traffic stop and are found to be operating your car without car insurance, you could be faced with these penalties and fines:

•  You will be required to pay a minimum of $300 in fines. This could be increased with multiple offenses.

•  Your license will be suspended for three months.

• Your car’s registration will be suspended for three months.

•  You will pay restoration fees so proper registration can be renewed on your car.

•  You will be required to pay restoration fees to renew your driver’s license so you are legal to drive.

•  You could face vehicle impoundment in some circumstances. This would require you pay fees to have your car given back to you.

Since the fees for driving without Car Insurance in Lancaster PA are so extreme, there is no reason for you to drive without coverage. Aside from these penalties and fees, you could also face owing thousands of dollars out of your pocket, were you to cause an accident while having no insurance.

If you are in need of car insurance coverage, it can help to meet with an insurance agent. The agent can go over your needs for coverage and assist you in finding a policy that will meet those needs and the needs of your budget.

To get the insurance policy you need, contact the office of Susquehanna Insurance Management Ltd. They will be happy to meet with you and help you get the full coverage you need so you are meeting the requirements of the law and are able to drive safely.

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