Important Facts Your Accident Injury Attorney In Charlottesville Can Help You With

Approximately 89% of all auto accidents are settled out of court. This means that a long trial period can be avoided. What an Accident Injury Attorney Charlottesville will be able to discuss with you is the possibility of your case going to trial. Ask any lawyer you are considering hiring what percentage of auto accidents they handle in their practice and what percentage of those go to court.

In essence of time, settling out of court will be your fastest solution. Between you, your lawyer and your insurance company, you may be able to receive a cash settlement that will pay for any injury or damages that occurred. From this, your lawyer will be paid his contingency fee and any additional administrative costs that were charged. A contingency fee means that your lawyer does not get paid for his time unless and until you receive payment. The administrative costs however, may be set up under a different pay schedule. Verify with your prospective Accident Injury Attorney Charlottesville how he handles these fees and repayments.

Since insurance companies save money on not going to court, they will usually offer a compensation package that meets to the injured persons satisfacation. There are other times when going to court will be necessary. In a court of law, this process can take anywhere from six months to two years to schedule your case. Consider this when you hire a lawyer. Ask questions such as what the lawyer’s schedule looks like and how many cases they are already hired to represent.

Over 10% of all injury accident claims, otherwise known as torts, that make it to trial have a common trait in that both parties are at fault. Even if the accident was only partially the fault of the driver, the judgment will come down accordingly. For instance, if one driver was 80% at fault and the other was 20% at fault, compensation will be distributed in that amount. Proving this ratio however, is difficult and may need a court proceeding to be established. An experienced Accident Injury Attorney Charlottesville will be able to realistically tell you what to expect in a settlement or court hearing.

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