Important Characteristics of Linux web hosting service

With the increased use of the Internet, the World Wide Web and open source applications, the importance of having linux web hosting service is more apparent. Today, most online enterprises find it necessary to showcase their products and services on their private online spaces. There are many reasons why linux web hosting service is a popular web hosting architecture.

Linux is open source. This is one of the most significant reasons for the popularity of Linux web hosting services. Linux is easy to install and use. A significant advantage of using open source applications is that the users contribute developments and upgrades. This means the more ideas users offer, the better the prospects of improving the applications. The fact that Linux is open source architecture means it can be downloaded and used by many people using different systems. Generally, Linux is flexible and is designed to work on different kinds of systems. Many proprietary systems do not provide this form of flexibility.

Linux architecture is designed to be compatible with most sought after platforms and databases like MySQL, PHP and WordPress among others. Other platforms can also be integrated into Linux including JAVA and others. With Linux, users have the freedom to choose from a wide range of scripting languages. Linux web hosting is renowned for its stability, security and speed. A site hosted on Linux loads faster than that in another type of architecture. This translates to greater convenience for users and increased profits for website owners. In addition, Linux platforms are less vulnerable to virus and bot attacks. Moreover, Linux is a stable architecture and offers a great degree of freedom to users.

There are two types of Linux hosting provider services, virtual and dedicated. The former is cheaper than the latter. Virtual services host multiple clients on one server while dedicated hosting services provide a server to each client. Some of the standard features of Linux hosting services include a dedicated IP address and root access to the server. Other features of linux web hosting service include web accessible interface, additional IP addresses and limited application support.

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