If You’re Not Sure You Have A Case, Talk To A Personal Injury Lawyer In Burlington, VT

We’ve all heard it said that America is such a litigious society, but do you actually know that many people who have been involved in a lawsuit? Many people are reluctant to file a lawsuit unless there is no option. Others simply aren’t sure what would be involved or if they have a case.

After being injured in an accident, there is a lot to worry about. Will this be a permanent injury? Will all of the medical bills be paid? The family may say that they’re doing OK, but are they really? How can all of the household bills get paid while you’re flat on your back? What will the future hold? Do you even have a case?

Whether or not someone is entitled to compensation for an injury depends on whether or not someone else was negligent. For example, if you are seriously injured by a branch unexpectedly falling from a tree in your yard on a windy day, no one was negligent and there is no case. If you go to the mall and are injured by a branch falling from a tree that obviously needed pruning, there may be a case against the mall if they have been neglecting necessary maintenance.

Distracted driving is one of the primary causes of auto accidents. If the driver who hit you was talking or texting on their cell phone at the time of the accident, they were negligent. Everyone has a duty to others to act in a careful and reasonable manner. Wearing dark sunglasses while driving at night would not be acting carefully and reasonably. Other reasonable drivers would know that doing so would increase the chances of an accident.

Normally, it is necessary to prove that someone was negligent before they can be held legally responsible for another’s injuries. In some accidents, both people were at fault. Vermont law will not allow an injured person to recover damages if they were more than 50% at fault for the accident. However, determining that percentage of fault can be difficult. Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer Burlington VT in this situation.

Powell Bredice & Stern PLC have 75 years of combined experience in assisting fellow Vermonters to receive compensation for their injuries. If you aren’t sure you have a claim, schedule a free initial consultation with this Personal Injury Lawyer Burlington VT. You will receive focused personal attention from these board-certified attorneys.

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