Identifying An Evader Through A Child Support Lawyer In Washington, Indiana

Indiana custodial parents are entitled to the child support ordered by the court. Unfortunately, there is a high volume of evaders who fail to provide it. The Daviess County court has initiated efforts to reinforce these court orders by offering custodial parents with an avenue in which to seek help. If your former spouse has failed to comply with your court order contact a Child Support Lawyer in Washington Indiana today.

Acquiring Child Support Payment

In Daviess County, custodial parents have three options for acquiring their support payments. First, they can make arrangements with the non-custodial parent who provides these payments to them directly based on the schedule set forth by the court. Secondly, they can acquire the payments from the court who receives the payment from the payments submitted by the non-custodial parent to the Clerk’s Office. And lastly, the judge can order that these payments are garnished directly from their employer and submitted to the custodial parent through the court.

Child Support Delinquencies

At any time that a non-custodial parent is delinquent on their child support payments the case is evaluated by the court. Their selected Child Support Lawyer in Washington Indiana files for a motion to acquire verifiable information about the non-custodial parent’s income. Once this information is examined, a hearing is scheduled to enforce child support payments. If the judge deems that their action is an intentional violation, the judge can enforce contempt charges. The result of these charges equates to one hundred eighty days in county lockup.

If the court hasn’t already started to garnish their wages to collect the support payments, an order is filed. Their employment is verified through the court, as all changes are required to be submitted within five days. Whenever possible, the court can seize the non-custodial parent’s income tax return, if they become seriously delinquent.

Parents who are not provided child support payments as directly by their court order should seek legal help. The Daviess County court has strict enforcement laws that apply to child support, and any evader discovered. If you wish to file a motion through court today, you should visit the website for further information about attorneys in your area.

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