Ideas for Dressing Up Patios in Islip NY

While it is true that some Patios in Islip NY can be somewhat plain, there are plenty of ways to dress the areas and make them more visually appealing. Along the way, those extra touches can also be practical and help to expand the way the homeowner uses the space. Here are a few ideas that will provide some inspiration.

Use an Area Rug to Define the Space

Many people do not think of using area rugs with their Patios in Islip NY, but this approach can go a long way to help define uses for the space. For example, one area of the patio can be identified as the ideal space for sitting and enjoying conversations. Using an area rug constructed of materials suitable for outside, it is possible to arrange patio furnishings around the parameter of the rug and create the feel of an outdoor living room. Elsewhere on the patio, matching an area rug with a table and chairs creates the perfect space for enjoying a meal or playing some type of card or board game. Along with making the space more functional, anchoring these groupings with area rugs will also add more color and visual appeal to the patio.

Outside Draperies and Greenery

It is not just the floor space of the patio that needs attention. Consider how the patio would look if vinyl or other types of weatherproof panels were gathered and tied around each of the supporting posts that hold up the patio roof. Augment splash of color by adding a few hanging plants in between those posts. The space still has the feel of being completely open, but also creates a sense of being within a defined space. Take some time to look at the patio as it is today and consider different ways to build on all those good points.

Consider contacting experts like the team at Libardi Island Landscaping for ideas on selecting materials, patio furnishings, or even how to add certain architectural elements to make the space more practical and inviting. With a little time and effort, the patio will be transformed into a space that the homeowner uses every day.


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