Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts When You Don’t Know Baby’s Gender

In the 21st century there are technological marvels in the world of ultrasounds that make it so that in the second trimester a mommy to be can find out if she’s giving birth to a boy or a girl. Many people now opt to find out about the gender as they say it’s much easier from a planning perspective. But it’s one of the few true surprises in life so there are still people who have decided to wait for that moment of wonder after the sounds of baby’s very first cries, when the doctor announces, “It’s a ___ (insert gender here)”.

When you are faced with a baby shower to attend and you don’t know the gender of the baby, you might opt for something more generic rather than something in pink or blue. Here are some ideas to help you with baby shower gifts that are going to work for either a baby boy or a baby girl.

White, Green, or Yellow Layettes

Baby clothes in baby mint green, in a soft buttery yellow, or even in white can all work for either a boy or a girl. No Mom will likely have too many baby sheets, hooded towels, receiving blankets, bibs, onesies, and sleepers and these colors work great.

Baby Blankets

Baby blankets are available in a variety of colors and if you find out what the color scheme is for the baby’s nursery you can buy something to suit the space nicely.

Wooden Gifts

Great wooden baby shower gifts exist, too, that aren’t so gender specific. Wooden rocking horses, rocking chairs, puzzles, toy storage, and stools will be gifts that are well received by Moms of boys or girls.

If you aren’t attending a baby shower and want instead to wait until baby is born to buy a more personal gift there are also great personalized baby shower gifts to choose from that help you buy something that will truly be appreciated based on the fact that it was chosen specifically for the new baby.

Nowadays the trend tends to be to avoid the pink and blue for some who want to avoid gender stereotypes. Even if you know whether or not an upcoming baby is going to be a son or daughter many of the above ideas could be great for you to choose from the perspective of not knowing whether the parents of the baby want to decorate / adorn their baby in pink or blue, too.

Check out gotobaby. for a great selection of baby shower gifts for boys, girls, and for when you don’t know the gender. For more information visit their Facebook page.

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