Hygienic Care, Cleaning and Grooming of a Pet in Orange County, CA

Finding a veterinary office that also offers grooming is quite common today, as it can usually be a routine part of a check-up. However, finding a high-quality groomer with years of experience is another story. When looking for someone to groom and clean your dog or cat, choosing the right person can make all the difference between a happy pet and a disgruntled pet. With these tips, you should be able to find an experienced groomer that meets all of your needs and goes above and beyond to make sure that your pet looks and feels great.

Meet the Groomer in Person

If you read about the services offered at veterinary clinics, under the grooming section, many offices recommend meeting the groomer prior to scheduling any services for your pet. You want to feel comfortable with this person handling your pet, so meeting him or her could ease your concerns as well as having any questions answered that you might have about the grooming process. When you meet the groomer, notice his or her demeanor – look at whether he or she seems caring, friendly or gentle, how comfortable he or she seems explaining the grooming process to you and maybe ask about what products are used in the grooming process. You want to find an experienced groomer that will make your pet look and feel good.

Compare Prices on Different Websites

While you want your pet to leave the vet and/or grooming business looking like a brand new dog or cat, you also don’t want to spend more than you need to. After narrowing down your search to your top three facilities, the next step is to compare prices. If all of them have the qualities you desire, and you feel comfortable with all of the groomers, choose the least expensive one. This way, your pet receives the best grooming and cleaning, and you won’t blow your monthly budget with one visit.

Make Sure Groomer Has Plenty of Prior Experience

When you go to get your hair cut, you likely ask for an experienced hairdresser that has knowledge about your hair type. You would probably want your dog’s or cat’s groomer to have similar experience with pet hair types, so you should ask if he or she has adequate experience with grooming pets. The last thing you would want is a shoddy job done after paying someone a good amount of money to care for your pet. If you aren’t comfortable asking the groomer directly, you could call the office and ask how long the groomer has been working there, as well as what prior experience he or she has with grooming pets.

If you are looking to have your pet groomed any time soon, you need to do thorough checks into your ideal candidate. How much experience does he or she have? Does he or she seem friendly? How much will you have to pay? What methods does this groomer use when grooming pets? These questions are important to ask and could help you find the right person to groom your pet. Or you can visit OC Veterinary Medical Center. Or you can visit Google+ profile.

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