HVAC Contractor in Chesterfield MO to Decrease Home Allergens

Have you ever thought about contacting an HVAC Contractor in Chesterfield MO to help you with the symptoms you experience from your allergies? If not, you probably don’t understand the impact that your home’s heating and cooling system has on the quality of air in your home. So, what can you do to improve your home’s air quality?

Eliminate Forced Air Heating

Forced air heating can cause your allergy symptoms to worsen greatly. As the air flows from the furnace, through the duct work and into the air inside your home, it picks up all sorts of particles that contribute to your symptoms.

What alternatives to forced air heating do you have? You have two options to consider – baseboard heating systems, radiator heaters and radiant floor heaters.

Baseboard Heaters – Baseboard heaters are installed in each room of the house. They are powered by electricity to produce heat for that one space. There are two forms of baseboard heaters – radiant and hydronic. Radiant baseboard heaters use electricity to heat internal components and release warmth into the room. Hydronic baseboard heaters use water passing through the system to create heat to warm the room. You can click here to get more details.

Radiator Heaters – Radiator heaters come in various forms. They are available in free-standing or wall-mount styles. They can be found in various sizes to provide warmth for rooms of varying sizes. They are also powered by electricity and provide a steady source of heat for your space.

Both of these options provide heat for your home without kicking up dust and allergens in the process.

Is there anything else you can do to heat your home without causing worsened allergy symptoms?

You can talk with your local HVAC Contractor in Chesterfield MO to learn more about improved filtration for your forced air heating system. If the air is filtered well, and the duct work is kept clean, traditional forced air heating can be a comfortable source of heat without introducing airborne allergens. Courtney’s Heating & Cooling might just have the solution to the problems that you are having with your allergy-inducing home heating system.

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