How You Can Use the Member Management Software to Stop Your Customers from Dropping Out

We`ve seen many people drop out from fitness training session not that they don’t wish to continue but they have just been caught up by personal matters. This could either be work or they just want to spend more time with their families.

When this happens, owners of these fitness centers and gym stand to lose because they are losing their customers. As the owner, you need to take initiative and encourage them by telling them that they can still attend their sessions and do their personal things.

The typical reporting software cannot warn you when this is about to happen and therefore it becomes hard for you to prevent your customers from dropping out. The member management software, which is a web based software can help you identify members who are about to drop out from your facility and motivate them to move on.

The software provides real time data reporting and therefore it becomes easier for you to track each member’s activities.

How It Works

As compared to the tradition software which only tells you part of the story, the new software has been designed in a way that it can provide you with real-time information on membership. The tradition software provides you with information that only allows you to compare transaction data like check-ins and payment methods.

That means that you have to interpret the data yourself. As the owner, you definitely don’t want this and you would even love it if you could get this done by someone else as you concentrate on developing the business.

The member management software has been developed in a way that you can use various variables to export statistic reports and data from the central database. The central data base will provide you with transaction data as well as outliers. That way, it is much easier to identify members who are at the risk of dropping out.

The central database also allows you to run a three dimension report which basically covers a large number of variables. This enables you to determine whether a member wants to drop out. And the good thing is that you can detect this in time.

It is important that when choosing a member management software, you choose one that has a data warehousing to help you understand your customers and help them make good decisions. is a company committed to developing top quality software for health training centers, gyms and health clubs. Please feel free to contact iGo Figure, Inc. for more information.

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