How Transactional Email Can Help Your Business

Today everyone sees transactional emails on a daily or weekly basis, even if they spend limited time online. Anyone that asks for a password, signs up for a service or a newsletter, uses social media or gets tracking on a package or shipping confirmation is utilizing a transactional email service.

While many business owners may assume that they only need to consider transactional email if they have hundreds of thousands of customers, the truth is that any business can benefit. Since you can choose packages based on the number of transactional email services used they can be ideally priced for businesses of all sizes while still allowing you the option to grow.

Speed up Responses to Customers

There are many needs that customers have that are immediate and that can be easily handled by using transactional email. This can include resetting lost passwords, providing purchase information, sending shipping and tracking information and even to track a return.

If customers have to send a message and then wait for a response it is an irritation and a delay that can cause customers to shop with a company that has transactional email already set up and working.

Save Employee Time

Not only will your customers benefit from transactional email to handle these questions and issues, but it will also allow you employees to focus in on their jobs. They won’t have to do those searches manually or send an email; it will automatically be handled by the system without the need for employee time, energy or effort.

Free Up Resources

You may not be aware but your email server has a limit to the number of outgoing emails it can handle per 24 hours. When that is exceeded your emails are not delivered, which includes responses to customer questions, information for potential new customers, and your daily business and personal emails. You may not be aware that these emails are undelivered, creating misconceptions about your business practices with your clients and customers.

By sending your transactional email through a service that handles these emails your resources are never stretched. The transactional emails are sent through another system with unlimited capacity to handle the volume and to also allow you to change your needs based on your current transactional traffic.

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