How to Test Newly Installed Plumbing in Palm Springs, CA

Testing your plumbing system is done for many reasons. An amateur plumber may want to make sure that the installation he or she has just done was successful, while the building inspector is required by law to carry out tests on plumbing systems before approving them. It is always a good idea to carry out your own testing before the building inspector comes in, ensuring the inspection will go welloff without a hitch. Plumbing in Palm Springs, CA is tested through what is known as a pressure test.

Pressure tests are performed on water supply and Drain Waste Vent (DWV) pipes. It is always a good idea to test the new plumbing pipe before they are finally covered by wallboard, which will make them harder to access. Both types of pipes are tested in dissimilar ways and water pipes are the simplest. Testing new supply pipes requires turning on water and checking for leaks. Leaky pipes ought to be drained, disassembled and re-soldered.

Checking Plumbing in Palm Springs, CA involves carrying out a pressure test on the DWV system. This entails blocking new pipes and sending pressurized air through the system. The first step is blocking the system at every fixture and anywhere near a connection point between the main stack and new pipes. Next, test balloons are inserted along inflation valves and the air gauge at the clean-out valve. Pressurize the pipe to approximately 5 pounds psi (per square inch) and ensure the plumbing system can hold this pressure for at least 15 minutes or so. The test balloons can be put in the T-fittings at both bottom and top sections of DWV lines. These balloons should block the pipes completely and inflated with an air pump as described above.

Other fixture drains installed in Plumbing Palm Springs CA systems ought to be capped with solvent gluing test caps. On pressurizing a DWV system, leaks are easily spotted by rubbing some soapy water around fittings and be on the lookout for bubbles. Should you spot any problems or leaks, cut them out and solvent-glue a new piece on the pipe. The test caps are easily removed by knocking loose with a hammer.

Testing your new Plumbing in Palm Springs offers you peace of mind knowing that your system is in tip top condition.

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